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Move to the cloud. Deliver a better user experience. We do the migration – free.

Download this detailed vendor comparison matrix to understand the differences between Apporto and VMware Horizon.

Why choose Apporto over VMware?

Dozens of universities, including SNHU, Middlebury, and Seattle University, have migrated from VMware to Apporto. Faculty and students report a better user experience, IT frees up resources for other projects and, as important, they like the integration with the education ecosystem: No wonder Apporto has emerged as the leader in virtualization in education.


We handle all the infrastructure, backup and recovery, monitoring, and maintenance. Everything else can easily be managed with a simple console.


Advanced compression, geo-optimization, and autoscaling delivers a cloud-native user experience on Windows, Mac, and Linux. 


No data center to manage. No power outages to stress over. No hardware to refresh. Just all of the scalability, flexibility, and resiliency of the cloud.


Access from any device, anywhere, anytime. Enable BYOD without the hassle of VPN or endpoint management.


A simple, all-inclusive subscription plan with no hidden fees at a low predictable cost – at up to 50-70% less than traditional VDI solutions.   


24/7/365 USA-based support. Take a look at our 96% renewal rate and you know that when we say that we will be there for you, we mean it.


Built using a zero trust and least privilege security architecture model, the Apporto platform stops bad actors at the perimeter.


Integrates with popular learning management systems to promote active learning. Provides one-click homework submission for students.

Apporto vs VMware Horizon

VMware Horizon
Fully Managed Deployment. Cloud infrastructure ready-to-go. The Apporto cloud team handles all deployment tasks.
A lengthy and complex do-it-yourself process.
Great User Experience Access apps and desktops from any browser-enabled device.
Launch apps separately within the Horizon client or deliver them within a shared desktop.
Cost-Effective. Apporto takes care of all the infrastructure, backup and recovery, monitoring, and support, so everything is included in one low cost.
A lengthy and complex do-it-yourself process, requiring substantial investment in on-premises hardware. All-Microsoft Windows back end required.
Our subscription plans are based on concurrent users and include all features with no hidden fees.
Available in multiple editions, with varying features and costs.

Integrations for Higher Ed. Developed specifically for colleges and universities, Apporto provides seamless integration with all major Learning Management Systems and cloud drives (Box, One Drive, and more)

Not available.

Windows, Mac, or Linux. Apporto is the only DaaS platform offering full Windows, MacOS, and Linux desktops, along with streaming apps.

Complex, heavy lift to serve full desktops. MacOS is not supported.

Fast and Easy App and Desktop Publishing Web-based admin console makes adding or updating apps and desktops a snap.

Complicated image and application preparation process. Can often take days to achieve optimal configuration.

Security and Remote Access. Apporto is built on a zero trust, least privilege security model.

Additional licensing and servers may be required.

Integrated Two-Factor Authentication. Security is a native component of the Apporto platform.

Not included. 3rd-party solution required.

Easy Management. Manage servers, users, groups, and applications from a single browser-based console.

More complex. Requires multiple consoles to learn and navigate.

Access applications and desktops from any device with an HTML5 browser.

Horizon View client is recommended for the best experience.

There's no catch.

See for yourself why dozens of VMware customers have made the move to Apporto. Contact us by December 31st to qualify for our free migration offer.

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