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Your users are
on the go
on the go
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Are your applications shackled to a desktop?

Apporto is "Dropbox for your apps"


Stream any desktop app from the cloud to any deviceTry App Streaming Now



Cloudify all your apps


  • The cloud has changed the way we work, providing users with great flexibility and a huge productivity boost. Yet staple apps such as: MS Office, Adobe CC and ArcGIS remain shackled to a desktop, missing out on these great benefits.
  • Apporto frees up your users by giving them access to their apps (or their full desktops!) from any device, anywhere, at any time. Users can start a project on a PC at the office, continue working on their tablet on the train home, then pick up where they left off with their personal Mac - all without skipping a beat!

Unshackle your applications and watch as productivity soars!

Born in the cloud for the cloud
Apps delivered to a browser on day one.
Login, click, deliver. Isn't this what the cloud is all about?
  • Windows apps straight to your browser

    Software publishers love Windows. End users? Not so much. With apporto you can deliver your Windows apps - or even your full Windows desktops - to a browser running on a Mac, Chromebook or tablet. No plugin or configuration required!

  • Up and running on day one

    Traditional desktop virtualization (VDI) requires you to spend months and a million dollars before you see any results. With Apporto you can have your apps delivered on day one. (and we promise it won't cost you a million dollars!).

  • Choose from native or virtualized app delivery

    Depending on the use case, you might want to deliver your apps natively or streamed to a browser. Apporto can deliver either, so you always get the optimal user experience

  • Packaging, monitoring and backup included

    There are many moving parts in any virtualization project, so why not let our team take care of the tedious bits? We’ll look after that side of things so you can focus your efforts on what really matters!

  • Plug and play integration with your Single sign-on or Active Directory

    We provide out-of-the-box integration with Active Directory and single sign-on systems, including Shibboleth and CAS

  • Simple, powerful AND low cost!

    We leverage the cloud’s economies of scale to deliver a great result at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Your users and admins will love us!


We have created a-state-of-the-art cloud service packed with advanced
features to ensure your users will have stellar experience.

Instantly stream Windows apps to a browser

Your end users can access the apps they need from any device, drastically improving their productivity.

Deliver virtualized or native apps

Your power users or some use cases may require a native installation to ensure a great user experience.

Leverage the combined network of Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure

By partnering with Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, we’re able to offer an optimal user experience and minimize network latency.

Simple, yet powerful admin dashboard puts you in control

Manage and control which of your employees has access to which apps.

Simple, powerful metrics

Understand at a glance how your users are using your apps and how to get to your end goal

Ironclad compliance

Maintain compliance by tracking all your software assets and recovering them when users leave.


Plug and Play

Cloud based. simple integration with your Single Sign-on or AD


Management and monitoring included

We’ll take care of the tedious details so you can keep doing what you do best.



The Challenge:

As the lines between work, study, and play blur, users want to be able to work on their favorite devices, anywhere

Organizations must securely deliver a range of applications to personal PCs, Macs, and tablets, ensuring compliance at all times.


The Solution:

Native app delivery: Apporto delivers Windows and Mac apps to the end user’s computers. Installation is app store simple. 

Admin managed: Admins can manage and update apps to keep them secure, and recover them when user leaves. 

Streamed apps: Windows apps can be streamed to user's browsers..Mac and tablet users can access windows-only apps.

Ironclad compliance: We keep track of all installations and uninstallations to ensure you have no compliance surprises..


Virtual computer labs

The Challenge:

Students coming to campus have the expectation that they should be able to do their school work anytime, anywhere.

Computer labs must become virtual, delivering essential apps to a variety of devices both on and off campus while enabling collaboration and mentoring.


The Solution:

Streamed Apps: Apporto streams apps to user’s browsers, so no matter what device they’re using they can still access their work. Mac and tablet users can easily access Windows-only apps. 

Collaboration and mentoring: When using a virtualized app, students can view and control other students' sessions - just by sharing a URL - nothing to install, nothing to purchase. 

Native app delivery: Apporto also enables universities to deliver apps natively straight to a student’s computer. Installations are easy to manage and update, and can be recovered when no longer needed.

Ironclad compliance: We keep track of all installations and uninstallations to ensure you have no nasty compliance surprises..


Software fullfilment

The Challenge:

Users expect application access to be as simple as using an app store. Traditional solutions are complicated leading to frustrated users and overworked admins. 

Businesses must find a better way to deliver all their apps to all their users while still maintaining compliance.


The Solution:

Native app delivery: Apporto allows admins to deliver Windows and Mac apps to end-user devices while remaining in complete control.

Streamed apps: Apps can be delivered natively, or accessed through a browser, ensuring easy access to Windows-only apps for Mac lovers.

On network/Off network.Your end users will be able to access their apps at the office or at home.

Ironclad compliance: We keep track of all installations and uninstallations to ensure you have no nasty compliance surprises.



I would recommend the Apporto service to any organization that values end user experience
and requires a high degree of security

Matt Coombs - CIO Hartnell College

We have been looking for a solution to automate software distribution for our growing campus. Apporto offered the best solution: simple, cost effective and a great user experience.

Gabe Edwards - Software Manager UC Merced

We are space constrained, so building a physical computer lab was not feasible. Apporto offered us the model we wanted: it is not location constrained. Faculty and students can use any device, anytime, anywhere.

Theresa Rowe - CIO Oakland University

Students have a 24x7 need for access to labs and resources. Apporto allowed us to bring the labs to the students anytime. It was the most affordable solution.

Geoff Cirulllo - Deputy CIO Sonoma State University